Monday, March 12, 2007

Clearing the decks

Far to frantic at work this week. Not enjoyable...but a good day Friday pulled us back on track.

Got stuck into the DIY this weekend. Finished the floor of the conservatory, installed power through the old wall (we now have electricity...eureka!) and even managed to have our Sunday dinner sat at the table. Still have a few things to finish but we are almost there. It's finally usable...

Decided to sell of some guitars as I have my eye on a very nice Gretsch. I hate getting rid of good guitars, but I cannot justify having too many. Four is a good round number and takes up far less space under the stairs!

If you are after a bargain head over to eBay and see all the guitars i will regret selling in the near future!

I have at last taken some pics of the shower room and dog. For those with an interest in such things :o)

Now playing: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

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Will said...

Good to see you blogging again. Know anyone who wants to buy a Chapman Stick Bass?