Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This months word children is: Manic.

The conservatory is up and just needs the floor to dry out and a few finishing touches...hopefully by christmas as it will become the dining room.

The downstairs shower room has been gutted. Louise and myself have spent hours with hammer and chisel, tapping away layers of old plasterboard on the former outside wall (now inside...the shower room is part of the extension) so we can look at a nice Claydon red brick whenever we use it. The rear garden looks like a builder’s yard at the moment, complete with old sink, toilet and shower tray...not to mention bags of rubble. I had a plan to lay floor tiles on Sunday morning, but ended up ripping up the floorboards in order to re-fit the plumbing. I eventually put some floor tiles down on Sunday evening after spending the day with my head through the floor. At least i now know what’s down there...

The band have taken a back seat since the aylesbury gig, what with the DIY run up to xmas. We are looking to tame the beast a little as it's becoming out of control, verging on motorhead territory which was never the plan. We have a new second guitarist coming in, and we want to get the vibe a little more Black Crowes / Stones style. I played on Saturday night with a soul band which was great. However, i missed our only chance to rehearse when Louise injured her eye whilst smashing the shower room wall (see above) and we spent 4 hours in oxford eye hospital. Thankfully she’s ok, but it did mean that the only time i got to play through the songs was during the gig! This actually made me play much better than i have done in a while.

The major news is that we now have a new addition to the family. We have a 5 year old Jack Russell called Amy, who has taken over the house. I wish we could have done it sooner as it’s got everyone of their buts and out on walkies. She's great fun and no trouble (unless you are a cat/dog/rabbit/badger/fox/car).

Talking of new additions, much love to Mr and Mrs C who are expecting their first born next year.