Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Been a long time...

Okay. It has been a very long time between blogs. Still no real time to put any effort into a full force blogathon. Here are the highlights:

Decided to move away from Oxford.
Sold our house in less than 12 hours.
Put an offer in for new house next day.
Went away on tour with Marillion.
Got gazumped on first offer.
Found new house (same village, much nicer house). Offer accepted.
Looking at January for possible moving date.
Marillion Tour Bus broke down in the middle of France.
Got new bus from Simply Red.
Drank all of Mick Hucknells beer, wine, moet and coke.
Finished off his vast chocolate supply.
Gave Bus back to Simply Red (now christened Simply Empty)
Got Rufus Wainwright's Bus.
Finished tour. Went to see Rufus the next day.

There you go.

Now playing: Kate Bush, Ariel