Sunday, September 17, 2006

Do you want a flake in that?

Never seem to have time to blog much these days. The band is taking off now (with a new bass player - Stu was great but it did not work out) and we have gigs booked, and minibuses full of people attending. Blimey!

Cracking on at a rate with the house. I painted the hall and stairs when Lou was away, laid wood flooring in the lounge, and hand-made my first cottage style wooden door today. Really pleased with it, as our doors are not standard sizes and ordering them would cost £250+ per door. God I could make a fortune!

Got free tickets from the lovely Mr H for Robbie Williams on thursday. Took Lou and Scarlet who spent the entire gig screaming 'WE LOVE YOU ROBBIE!!!'. Must say, it was brilliant. The stage was unreal. HD video screens were clear even from the back of the MK Bowl.

The best bit was the encore. Robbie had spotted an ice cream van just before the end of the main set, and he appeared standing at the very top of the stage (VERY high...the stage, not him) with two '99' cones in his hand. He had the look of complete satisfaction as he rammed the whole thing into his face and then sang 'Let me entertain you'! Class...!

The man has 325,000 people attending the Milton Keynes gigs, millions of cd's sold across the globe, one of the best productions out on the road, but it's the joy of having 2 ICE CREAMS which is priceless!