Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Well, it's been eventful!
Been very busy at home painting, and doing all things DIY. I was hoping to finish off the main bedroom this weekend but i've got my foot strapped up at the moment. Even driving is painful. Had a lazy(ish) day today so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Played my last gigs for the beaver last weekend. The final show at the Cuddesdon Ball was great. It was nice to have a decent gig to bow out on.
Two days later I received an email from a band and the next day I was heading down to an audition. This always happens. I leave a band with no intention of starting afresh and then jump straight into another!
I arrived an hour early so not the best of starts. The manager of the studio let me in to set up my gear. I had been warned that they are loud so i've changed my set up to cope with this. Had 30 mins of heavy playing alone before the band showed up (i ended up doubling the volume once we started!). The guys have not played in about 3 years and are all old mates. We attempted to run through 6-7 songs just to get a feel. 3 hours later we had run through 17 odd songs and have booked a gig in 3 weeks time.
I'd forgotten what a thrill it is to play as loud and raw as possible. I drove home at 1.30am with a huge smile on my face.
I loved playing for the Beaver but you are playing songs for the crowd and not for yourselves...almost like session players. This new band took me right back to what I do best. Raw rock music, controlled feedback, it just felt so real. My amp was on max and it still was not loud enough!! The room was just a blur... It also features the best drummer i have ever played with. Jesus this guy is good. Absolute power, solid as a rock, and putting fills into songs that just kept me thinking 'Whaaaaaa?'. We're going to get kicked out of SO many venues...but f**k em!

I really missed being in a 'gang' and this made me feel like it was 1989 again. All for one and turn it up. It ain't pretty...but it's a great way of getting fit!!