Monday, November 06, 2006


Yes...Very. Sorry!

Just trying to think whats happened since the last blog. Must try and take a leaf out of the mighty Will C's blog regime. Not too keen on the hot soup method though...

So, a-hem. Whats been going on 'ere then? Played a storming gig with Jak Dog in Aylesbury. Lots of friends came, saw, and lost the use of their ears for a week. Holy crap we were loud. My guitar sounded immense. I loved playing with Soul Beaver, but there is nothing like controlling waves of feedback. We are due to run through a bunch of new covers tomorrow night as most of the set has gone. No point having a great band if the songs are the usual suspects.

Had a great Halloween party for Scarlet and Alex's mates in the house. Covered the lounge in fake cobwebs and dunked the kids during apple bobbing. Everyone dressed up, and we blew up the back field with fireworks.
My mate Craig bought his family over on Saturday night. We walked down the hill with torches towards the playing fields and watched the Steeple Claydon firework display. It was fantastic with a huge well planned display. Walked back up the hill and Louise dished out apple crumble and custard. Yummy.

We should have a new conservatory within the next two weeks. The walls and floor are up and ready for the frame. Really looking forward to having the extra space.

Amazing sunset last night. Ran out into the fields with my camera. Another ruined pair of trainers!