Saturday, August 19, 2006


My ears are ringing.

The band rehearsed this afternoon (sat) with Stuart on bass. Sounded fantastic. A big slab of sound. Run through about 10 songs, most of which were the first attempts. Gave Radar Love a go and nailed it first attempt. Big smiles all round. I still need to work on my solos as i'm realy not at all happy with them.

Loaded the car at 1pm under summery skys and headed for wycombe. Passed a number of signs which read 'Event 400 yds - Warning' and counting down thereafter. Thought i'd get caught in long cues for a festival or some such major sporting event. Driving passed the final sign which read 'Charity Metal Detecting Event' I looked to the right to see a huge ploughed field stretching into the distance, covered by at least 400 people with long sticks and headphones. Very VERY bizzare! If only I was at the same spot 10 minutes later, as the sky turned biblical and unleashed a storm which literally stopped the traffic through wycombe. Street's turned to rivers within minutes. I hope the people on the hill got to safe spot, as they would have to arrange a Detectors Detecting event to find the missing!! BEEP....I've found a roman coin, and a small man wearing headphones. Wonder if its worth anything!

Rang Lou to warn her of the storm. She said there was not a cloud in the sky, but did get the rabbit inside as he's not the greatest swimmer. Not that we actually know that for sure.

Writing this in between coats of pink...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lou takes Scarlet and Alex away on holiday next week so I get the chance to decorate the small bedroom. In pink...

Rehearsing tomorrow with Stuart, our new bass player. It's been months since we last played and I'm really looking forward to it. I've got that 'Townshend' feeling!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Alone Again Or

Alexander had a small operation on his big toe this morning. He's hobbling around in sandles with a huge comedy bandage on his toe. Everyone is attending to him, he's taken over the living and new doctor who figures everywhere.

Louise and myself did some of the front garden one evening in the rain. Looking good...may get it finished this weekend but no great rush.

Started regular swimming now in buckingham. Realy good fun, although i've become a bad swimmer. I've not been a regular swimmer since school. Just can't get the breathing sorted out. It might be lack of fitness. I do feel much better since we started.

Looks like we have found a bass player. Just need to organise a run though to check but it's looking very good.

Arthur Lee of Love died yesterday. I listened to Forever Changes whilst driving from LA to San Francisco last year through hot dusty farmland...surreal but perfect.