Thursday, September 29, 2005

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Too good for too long

Having just got to grips with jet lag from the west coast US tour date with Marillion, it was back to business with both Racket Records and Soul Beaver. Racket was not a problem, although i've returned to a huge archive ebay fest. We've turned every stone and found a load of super rare material (shirts, drum skins, programmes etc) which we are ebaying off in order to raise funds for the hurricane victims. A good cause and makes the fans happy to be finally getting their hands on long out of print material. Lucy talked me into putting up the huge mound of stuff onto the website, not that i minded.
The Beaver was another matter. We've not played a note in over 2 months and a big wedding gig is due this Saturday. It's trombone Dave's brothers wedding so the pressure is on. Him mostly! Tuesday night came and we gathered at Scout Hut Studios (well...a scout hut) and trawled through the 2 hour set. After a shaky start things picked up but it was clear everyone was finding the going tough. A headache did not help, neither did the harsh fact that the nights are drawing in fast. Winter is on it's way and it was pitch black when i arrived at 8pm. The last time we rehearsed i wore shorts and we knocked it on the head early due to the heat. I was happy with my guitar sound, and my solo playing sounded good. The only problem was i played the wrong solo on a couple of songs. Idiot. Need to get that fixed for sat. Also my back was in agony once i got home. Thank god i took the strat and not my les paul. It could have been a lot worse.

Had a nice evening on wednesday. Everyone was in the same room for dinner and it was nice to have the kids messing around on the floor while me and louise snuggled on the sofa watching telly. It does not happen too often. Craig is normally out or else chilling in his room and the two little ones are locked into gameboys.

Shopping tonight. Bought a huge Duck for Sunday lunch. We're going to tell the kids it's chicken. However, if they read this beforehand it could all get messy...