Monday, February 19, 2007

By Request...

I've been told by some nice people at the Marillion Weekend to update this blog. Well, at least someone reads it!

Where to begin?
Shower room is completed and is a very lovely thing indeed. This means the band can resume...however not before the small matter of finishing the Marillion album and helping run the Marillion Weekend.

The album is the best thing they've done in 10 years. Its not the running order I would have gone with, and some of my absolute favorites have been chosen for the NEXT new album. However, the sound is lush and full, and the songs are epic. Its been in my car for a couple of months and i'm still finding new things within the virtual grooves :o)

The team at Racket have been non stop since...I can't remember!!
I'm just glad that the Marillion Weekend has been and gone. It was a massive gamble and could have gone VERY wrong, but the whole weekend was amazing. The setlists were great, with some choice cover versions. We have the footage of 'Hocus Pocus' and it's the best live Marillion video EVER. The crew were good fun and I really enjoyed looking after the guitars again. I had my trainee Lucy Spencer helping me with H and Pete. They certainly enjoyed having a female looking after their guitars, and if anyone needs a guitar tech you should talk to Lucy. She keeps saying sorry every 2 minutes even when she does nothing wrong, and then apologises for saying sorry too much!! But apart from that shes a true professional AND knows how to get unlimited free beer from the bar staff. Love your work, Spitroast!

I must apologise for everyone who kept asking for requests at the Racket Rock Disco on the Friday night. This was supposed to be a small affair with Lucy J, Stephanie and Myself spinning the wheels of steel. However, by the time I arrived Lucy and Stephanie were flagging (it had been a VERY long day), and after a 'frug' to Down Down by t'Quo they crashed out, leaving me with 2 cds of rock classics. People were being turned away as the room was heaving with air guitar acrobatics of the highest order, and we really did not have enough tunes to cope with the requests. Anyway, I do apologise for telling the drunk french bloke to come back tomorrow and i'll play Metallica. I did not have the heart or energy to explain to him that the following night was a Beatles tribute band...

Next time we'll run the Air Guitar championship over 3 nights...

More house and family updates soon.