Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well we're almost done and ready for the off, which cannot come quick enough. We've been surrounded by boxes for weeks now which grow larger by the day. One whole wall of the lounge is just a floor to ceiling wall of cardboard. I dismantled the beds today and everyone is sleeping on the floor for the remainder of our time here. Don't panic...I have put down mattresses.

The next blog should be from the new place. I hope it's not too long. (the wait...not the blog).

It looks like we will be moving on the 9th Feb. I have a gig on the 10th. There's nothing like a good challenge!

I've finally got round to sorting out my diet. I've been eating nothing but fish for over two weeks, and no chocolate or sticky puds. Just lots of Tuna, Halibut,Squid, King Prawns and masses of spinach and yummy vegetables. I've lost a bit of weight but the main thing is i've now got loads more energy and feel great. Sod treats...a bowl of zero fat greek yog with lashings of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
I may never eat red meat again!

Current Listening: Kate Bush. A Sky of Honey (Ariel)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

600ft above sea level...

Back to work

Good day today. Plenty to do at work and no band around to disrupt the flow. Lots of orders processed and emails answered. Hurrah!
Driving home in the dark I came across a hand made sign just outside of Brill. It read Brill Oldies 87.9 fm. 30th Dec till 8th Jan. TOP! Some old blokes in a garage on the top of Brill hill playing nothing but great tunes all day (NOTHING from later than 1979). I kept the signal all the way home, eventually fading in and out, sounding much like Radio Caroline just as I parked up outside my house. The home made adverts are just so great I cannot do them justice. It sounds like they've got the wives and kids to read them out. The station is broadcasting online at while they are on air. There is a guest in the 'studio' talking about Morris Minors as I sit here now. It fills my heart with gladness and I want to buy a bloody big radio mast and start Radio Beaver! I always knew there was something special about Brill. They do have one of the greatest windmills in the world which I pass every day.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year

Not a great Christmas. Louise's Gramp passed away just before the holidays and it was a great loss. Her aunt lives in Australia and had to spend Christmas over here sorting out the funeral and all the loose ends. Louise was very close to her Gramp and he was due to spend Christmas day with us. We did the best we could and had a nice day.

The funeral was on the 30th. My 38th birthday and also a gig day for my band. The service was really nice but I had to shoot back and forth to the gig in order to soundcheck. I was looking forward to playing but I was shattered. The power supply for my effects decided it would pack up 5 minutes before we started so I had to play everything clean. Add to this a fellow guitar player who decided it was a good time to ask if he could play 'Soul Man'. He said he did not mind if I said no and would not be offended. I apologized and said no. He was offended and continued to keep asking, all the time while I was desperately trying to find the source of the problem with my effects. In the end I told him to fuck off. Twice. He sulked away and spent the gig shouting crap from the back. Thank god I did not see him afterwards. Went home fed up and paid a visit to KFC. The only true way of finishing an awful day...
PS: I played Soul Man really fucking loud.

2am Birthday Reading: John Peel. Margrave of the Marshes. (A gift from my kids)