Monday, March 05, 2007

Bark at the moon

Busy week all round.

The conservatory is coming along. Laid the underfloor heating and tiles this weekend. The last major job being connecting the electrical supply, but that can wait a little longer. Got woken by the kids at 7am this morning and decided to crack on with the grouting. Slow work but nice sitting in silence with the rain lashing against the glass.

Can't wait to get finished. Louise is starting designing hand made cards and it will be a great space for both her to work, and for me to play guitar a bit more often.

The band is now officially a 5 piece. We have a second guitarist in Paul and it's all systems go. Check out the myspace site for updates and gigs.

Took Amy out for a walk last night just as the lunar eclipse was underway. I had to drag her back in after 5 minutes as she was going mad. Took the telescope into the garden to get a better look. Saturn was lovely and you could see thousands more stars than usual, including the milky way (which is rare...I've only ever seen this once before as light pollution is normally bad in the UK).

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