Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yeah...I Know...

Been a while!
At least I'm consistent!
So...I shall attempt to sum up the past few months in bullet points only. I'm transferring my internet provider today and it's going swimmingly so far....zzz...

1. Finished 90% of the house.
2. Fired most of my band.
3. Hired most of other peoples bands for my own.
4. Started working for Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Gen X) looking after some very old guitars. Did a great gig at the Isle of White festival amongst others...
5. Shuffled the Racket Club live room, built a new drum booth and generally made it super sexy for the new album sessions.
5a. Helped get the original Marillion line up back together for one song. Historically it was a golden moment never to be repeated. Musically it was god awful. I laughed my ass off...
6. Did guitars for McFly last weekend. Great fun.
7. Saw Steely Dan, Smashing Pumpkins and due to see Beastie Boys instrumental set at the Roundhouse on Thursday.
8. Ran out of things to write.
9. Told readers to go and download my dear friend Will's new album here .
10. Went to bed.

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Will said...

11. Played excellent faux-keyboard parts on guitar in exciting, downtown Aylesbury.